District: Prince George's County Public Schools


Use the following updated Internet browsers to access ERO:
Mac - Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Chrome
PC - Mozilla Firefox or Chrome

Electronic Registrar Online (ERO) is used to register for courses offered in PGCPS. All full-time employees have access to ERO. The following resources provide detailed directions:

Part-time, temporary, and/or substitute employees have limited access to ERO. Follow the directions below to register for classes and complete your temporary ERO profile.

Directions to create a temp account are as follows:
1. From this page, click the "Browse the Public Catalogue" link.
2. Accept Terms and Conditions of the site.
3. Click the Course Catalog tab at the top.
4. In the third field, Course Code or Title, type the name of the class you want.
5. Click Submit.
6. Click the link for the training class you want.
7. Find the class time and date you want, then click the date link.
8. Verify the time, date, and location, then click "Register" to the left of the class information.
9. You will be prompted to create a login. You may continue to use this login to register for additional classes at later times. 
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If you have been assigned an ID and do not have a PIN, click the "Don't have a PIN?" link and create a PIN.

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The Electronic Registrar Online is a secure site as denoted by https in the address field of your browser. 256-bit encryption is recommended for maximum protection. To view your browser's encryption level, click the Help menu at the top of the browser window, then select About.